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Medical Professional Limited is a specialist and fully independent provider of financial services to medical professionals and their families.

With such a wide range of choice in financial products and services, it can be confusing to know where to turn or what to do for the best. Our advice is offered on a completely independent basis, as we have no allegiance or association with a product provider or fund management group.

We are innovative in our approach to the needs of our clients, working hard to ensure that you receive an excellent service, value and suitable advice at all times. When you closely look at our proposition we are sure you will agree, we are clearly the provider of choice for medical professionals.

As an holistic, independent financial adviser, Ralph is able to select the correct products for clients from the entire market which means he can recommend a product from any company provided it suits the client’s needs.

With such a wide choice of companies, investments and savings tools, our clients can be reassured that they are not simply being provided with a standard recommendation but instead are receiving personalised advice and tailored solutions

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Photograph of Ralph Stratton IFA - specialist of financial advice for medical professionals

Ralph Stratton Dip PFS
Managing Director
Independent Financial Adviser

07712 702 555

Ralph Stratton has been an extremely successful and award winning financial adviser for over 30 years. He has excelled with companies such as AXA/Equity & Law, Prudential, J. Rothschild Assurance/St. James’s Place and Wesleyan/Medical Sickness.

“As a specialist adviser looking after medical professionals and their families, I felt I needed to offer my clientele a fully independent proposition and access to a comprehensive range of company products and services."

“Vision Independent Financial Planning was selected by me as Medical Professional Limited’s network provider, because they have the same philosophy and beliefs as I do with regards to independent advice, treating customers fairly and also have a desire to put clients at the centre of everything they do."

"We also pride ourselves at being as innovative as possible when considering our proposition and believe this supports our approach to treating our customers fairly. When you look closely at our proposition, I am sure you will agree that we are clearly the provider of choice for medical professionals."

Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd (Vision) is a dynamic and established network whose Head Office is based in Falmouth Cornwall, where the company originally started. Vision’s Appointed Representative firms comprising of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) use whole of market research with no restraint or commitment to any products or providers, to tailor independent financial advice to individual client needs, providing a range of advice to private and corporate clients, charities and trusts, court of protection clients and professional advisers throughout the UK.

Independent Financial Advisers have joined Vision because they share in the company philosophy– a passion and determination to provide the most appropriate financial advice and support to clients, backed up by regular contact with a strong administrative team.

  • A dynamic, established and award winning business
  • Committed to remaining independent
  • Freedom of advice giving you choice and access to the relevant markets bespoke to you
  • Customer satisfaction levels of consistently above 98% and 90% of customers willing to recommend
  • A dedicated experienced Independent Financial Adviser on a continual basis there for your present financial goals and future aspirations

Vision was founded out of the desire to put Their IFAs clients at the centre of everything they do

Medical Professional Limited

At Medical Professional Limited we pride ourselves at putting our clients at the centre of everything we do.  We also pride ourselves at being as innovative as possible when considering our proposition and believe we are a market leader in treating customers fairly.

As detailed in our Services and Client Agreement’ document, we reduce our initial costs based on the amount of money you invest over time.

Medical Professional Limited take into consideration all the investments you make and discount its charging structures accordingly. This enables clients over time, as they build on their investment portfolios, to achieve greater value which will have a positive impact on your future investments.

Not only do we apply fair and reasonable charges to our client’s investments, we also link family members together. This means that whenever a husband and wife invest or parents on behalf of their children, we look at the transaction as one for funds under management.

As a family, all your savings benefit by being managed with the support of Medical Professional Limited and you all benefit from our reducing initial advice structure.

When you transfer funds from another provider either by choice or necessity, your existing provider will sometimes make a charge on exit. This is why you see a difference between values and transfer values. If this is the case and you are making a transfer under advice from Medical Professional Limited, we take this in to consideration when applying our own charges and discount the initial advice charge wherever possible. This is to help avoid ‘double charging’ for our clients which we feel is both unfair and unreasonable.

We are constantly looking into new and innovative ways to support our clients and to provide them with market leading independent financial advice, services and products. If you have a close look at our proposition and compare it with others, we are sure you will agree we are the provider of choice for medical professionals.

  • Investment Portfolios

    Initial Advice Charge
  • £1 - £250,000
  • 2.0%
  • £250,000 - £500,000
  • 1.5%
  • £500,000 - £750,000
  • 1.0%
  • £750,000 - £1 million
  • 0.5%
  • Over £1 million+
  • 0.5%

Ongoing Advice Charge
This has been set at 0.5 % per annum for all portfolios i.e. pensions, bonds, offshore, Unit Trust etc.


Client invests £600,000 into a bespoke investment portfolio, tailor made to suite their requirements and incorporates elements such as CGT, Income Tax, IHT, Income vs Growth etc…

On the first £250,000 the charge is 2%/£5000, on the next £250,000 it is 1.5%/£3750 and on the next £100,000 it would be 1%/£1000. This process of reducing charges on funds invested through Medical Professional results in an overall charge of only 1.625%/£9750. By investing £1 million over time, the overall investment charge would only amount to 1.25%/£12,500.

Charges therefore reduce as you build on your portfolio. This is based on the amount invested initially not on portfolio value and not based on actual transaction value. Once you pass an investment threshold your charges reduce. Every time you add funds to your portfolio, your initial advice charge is re-calculated to ensure you benefit. This also applies to your direct family i.e spouse, children, etc.


Dr. Smith invests an initial amount of £100,000 in July 2013 and a further £170,000 six months later. He then retires from the NHS and receives a £350,000 lump sum.

On his first investment his charge would be 2%/£2000 on the £100,000, on the second investment 2%/£3000 would be applied to £150,000 and 1.5%/£300 to £20,000. His third investment would attract a charge of 1.5%/£3450 on £230,000 and finally 1%/£1200 on £120,000. His overall initial advice charges would therefore be 1.605%/£9950 on his £620,000 investment. Ongoing advice and service is set at 0.5% per annum. Dr. Smith’s wife then invests £50,000 for her and £10,000 for their children, on which a 1%/£600 charge is applied as they are direct family members and therefore benefit from this progressive reduction in costs.

If you are making monthly contributions, a 2% initial advice charge will apply once to each contribution made.

Transfer Policy
If you decide to transfer funds from other investment companies or product providers, you are likely to have paid initial investment charges or they may take an exit charge from you. This is why you often find that there is a difference between a transfer value and a current value. Our policy is therefore to take this into consideration and discount our initial costs wherever possible. This transfer policy could prove extremely beneficial for clients who make fund transfers via Medical Professional, as this could also reduce the initial advice charges for all future transactions. As part of our ‘treating customer fairly’ view on charges, we feel it only fair that you should, wherever possible, not pay charges on money that has already been subject to deductions. Medical Professional Limited does not make a charge for withdrawals or outgoing transfers however other providers may do so.

Stand Alone SIPP’s / Income Withdrawal - Incoming Personal Pension Switches
Due to the complexity of advice and case administration for Self Invested Pension Plans/Trustee Investment Plans, charging is agreed on a case by case basis, but will not exceed a 2% initial advice charge for switches or conversions. The Ongoing Advice Charge remains at 0.5% per annum.

Initial Advice Service

First meeting, discussions and information gathering. Taking the time to understand your situation, goals and attitudes.

We analyse your current financial position, income, outgoings, existing arrangements seeking to structure your goals, maximise tax efficiencies and highlight future needs.

Provide a structured next meeting agenda for discussion, reviewing findings and solutions on a whole of market basis.

We complete your planning and provide a written report outlining all actions and recommendations.

We agree your preferences for ongoing service, future reviews and requirements.

Ongoing Advice ServiceWe provide regular reviews to ensure your
financial needs are fully covered and you are
on track to achieve your goals and objectives.
We fully brief you on your financial planning
portfolio and discuss whether any action needs
to be taken moving forward.
We keep an eye on tax efficiency and performance
to ensure the best returns are achieved long term.
We are always available when you need us and
your adviser is only ever a phone call away.
We will alert you to anything that may affect your
finances i.e. legislation, regulatory, tax, the NHS.



Image of possible non-ethical fund typesscientists or researchers in lab

Choose to exclude direct investments into tobacco, alcohol, and arms manufacturers or companies known to have poor environmental and ethical track records. Invest into medical and pharmaceutical companies manufacturing products or providing services that have a positive impact on your profession.

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Medical Professional Ltd
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